Kim Kardashian and more neglected than ever, without makeup or bathing


The beautiful and unequalled socialite Kim Kardashian was surprised with the amazing statement that he made to confess that there are days that you do not bathe and brush the hairseems to be that this quarantine is ending with it.

Kim Kardashian is considered as a fashion icon in recent years, so that their looks and routines of beauty are admired and desired by thousands of people all over the world, but it seems everything has changed.

Due to the isolation in which it is located and to be closed schools, Kim has become full-time mom.

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In days past, the protagonist of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“gave an interview to the portal about the new perfume that was launched to the market.

It was there where the entrepreneur confessed that it has completely abandoned their style of life fashionistabecause with four small children, do not have time for personal grooming.

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My hair is a mess and I think I have make up on twice, there are so many days that I don’t even brush your hair or I’m taking a shower,” revealed Kardashian.

In this way, the actress said that even so take things in stride for things to improve, so that now their priority is the education of their children.

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I try not to push too much, my advice to all those mothers that are in the same situation is to simply do the best that they can,” he added.

It seems that the insulation on the coronavirus has achieved what was never thought in the millionaire socialite, to let it lose its incredible glamour.

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It is worth mentioning that the life of the socialite is busy enough, so now he dedicates his time completely to your family and the chores of your home.

The last month Kim donated $1 million of dollars charitable organizations COVID-19 through their online SKIMS Solutionwear.