Kourtney and Kim Kardashian to resolve their differences


The sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian they resolved their differences, after the past month of march in one of the episodes both agredieran physically and after this, Kourtney announced that it would scrap the program.

However, Kourthney is celebrating his birthday number 41 and Kim wrote him a dedication to celebrate this day.

“Happy birthday @kourtneykardash I Had to find some good memories to celebrate today! I remember these moments so vividly. I love your strong will to do what it is that makes you happy to your soul, the love that you have for your children and for being the best big sister. Could not be more thankful for our memories together.” said.

He said he hopes that they can celebrate together, then everything that happens in the world with the coronavirus finish. Kourthney replied grateful for this publication and expressed their love with an “I love You”.

Also in the stories of Kourthney, part of her family and friends moved to the outskirts of their residence and from their vehicles we wished you a happy birthday, carrying balloons and music.

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