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Luis Miguel, the artist who revived the love for the traditional bolero in a whole new generation and managed to change the course of his career, up until then, aimed not to differentiate too much of that any Latin singer, with the release of his album “Romance” in 1991, 50 years old this Sunday, April 19.

Since then, “The Sun”, as is known to the interpreter who was born in Puerto Rico but mexican of heart, became a kind of reincarnation of the great figures of the romantic song of the decade of 50, both for the rescue of that repertoire, and his superb performances vowels, as for the cardboard-like aesthetic adopted.

The success of old classics as “The door“, “The boat”, “Unforgettable”, “With you in the distance”, “I don’t know you” or “You”among others, produced by the great star of the genre Armando Manzanero, pulled Luis Miguel on another artistic plane who, despite having just half a century of life, it stands as a legend of the song.

This trajectory, which brings together records with sales sidereal, marathon tours with multitudinous presentations, followed by hordes of fans who rave to each minimum pout; and awards of all types, also includes a story with all the ingredients to create a succulent film hollywood.

Luis Miguel – “Do Not S T” (Official Video)

It is No coincidence that “Luis Miguel, the series”, brought to the screen by Netflix in 2017, it became an immediate success that renewed interest in the singer and fed to the programs of gossip that filled the hours with old stories and legends.

A abusive father that he projected on his young son to their desires of stardom, a mother that disappeared in a mysterious waythe excesses of their own children-star, the commercial exploitation, the countless romances with sex-symbols, and the eccentricities typical of the big stars are some of the topics that spice up your figure.

Son of Spanish singer Luis Rey and the Italian Marcela Basteri, Luis Miguel took on his father, to his great promoter of art, who, knowing that he had a privileged voice and a great charisma, he did everything possible to turn it into a young star.

The opportunity came when, in 1981 he sang in the wedding of the daughter of then-mexican president José Luis Portillo, where it caught the attention of industry producers, who did not hesitate to offer him his first big contract.

This records the following year their first album “1+1=2 enamorados” and, lext, “straight to the heart”, that would be known in Argentina and turn him into a guest regular on several typical programs bus on Saturday afternoon, so popular in those years on local TV.

The walk of Luis Miguel in the 80’s not walked away from many of the groups or soloists of youth of those years, as in the case of The Parcheesi or Often.

Luis Miguel – No You Can Leave Me So

That is to say, songs that were a hybrid between the romance, the teen pop and hints of folk in their countries of origin; in addition to presentations that pointed to the exclamations of hysterical fans, and some forgettable foray into the cinema.

That time gives rise to some other great hits such as “Word of honor”, “The unconditional“or the old success of the chilean Antonio Prieto “When it heats the sun“where it began to flourish adolescent sexuality, in a video clip replete with sculptural bodies, looks nasty and playful flirtation.

But such as was reflected in the successful series from Netflix, those were not easy years for the young star, who had to grow up between a father unscrupulous when looking for the fame of his son and keep him in the first planes, and the mysterious disappearance of his mother.

Despite the lucrative ride of the career of Luis Miguel, the re-experienced in 1991, with the above-mentioned album “Romance” and its association with Manzanero, led to the critical “serious” to put the eyes in the young, who showed, in this way, which was much more than a phenomenon created by the industrial machinery of the music.

But in addition, that disk, which itself from other figures of youth, led to a musical genre that seemed doomed to remain only in the memory of generations past, to add new adherents among the young.

Luis Miguel – “Contigo En La Distancia” (Official Video)

From then on, Luis Miguel directed his artistic journey on that line, beyond some profitable attempts to add some touch of pop, as in the case of “Don’t blame the night”, adaptation of “Dont blame it to the boogie”, from The Jackson 5; a song typical mexican as “The King” or the danceable rhythms to Latin as “Soft”.

In that vein, the decade of the 90’s were the times choice in the path of the artist, established as a figure at the international level, respected from different fields, with albums that broke sales records and concert with places sold out.


But also there was built the image of the singer as a man of tastes eccentric, and behaviors of divo and resonados romances with figures such as Daisy Fuentes, Mariah Carey, Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara, among others. Clear that also is fostered in those years, legends about excesses with drugs or claims for paternity.

His relationship with Aracely Arámbula, with whom he had three children, not calmed down the rumors around the various adventures of the interpreter, who, today, maintains a romance with her singer Mollie Gould.

What is certain is that Luis Miguel already moves like those great legends of the world of the show, almost inaccessible to the public, surrounded by stories that can never be verified and with a halo that gives accounts of how difficult it can be to relate with him.

On march 1, 2019, the star was presented for the last time in Buenos Aires, with a show in buenos aires Argentina Polo and his insistent gestures of discomfort for alleged problems in the sound, which only he seemed to notice, with their corresponding complaints to the technical staff, gave the pattern of the complex nature wrought, after half a century of life that he knew of the disaffection of children, the exploitation and the false relationships that brings success.

That night, his voice sounded desangelada, but perfect.

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