Marvel admits that the speech shakespeare of Thor makes no sense


Stan Lee loved that classical heroes such as Thor and Hercules speak with a style shakespearean. But… does That make any sense?

One of the reasons why the Marvel Universe it is a fictional world so rich and diverse is that Stan Lee loved to read the classic stories. That’s why he liked it so much that characters like Thor and Hercules to speak in cheesy chat up lines inspired by works of Shakespeare.

Where other heroes such as Reed Richards is often engaged in more technical language, Thor tends to jump into battle, throwing his hammer Mjolnir and being much more direct. Your speaking style, highly stylized it has become a brand that has endured with time in the Marvel comics. Although more and more is going to accelerate its language.

thor shakespeare marvel

Even Chris Hemsworth has played the God of Thunder in the UCM has lost its style when speaking.

In recent years, Marvel has changed the speech patterns of Thor and Hercules. Without forgetting that Chris Hemsworth, has become more informal in their speech with each film in the MCU. There is a big change from his debut in 2011, movie Avengers: Endgame (2019). Even in Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the character of Star Lord (Chris Pratt) jokes with his way of speaking. Not to mention that in The Avengers (2012), Iron Man makes a joke about Shakespeare, referring to Thor and Loki.

Although Thor and Hercules are often seen as characters retroactive thanks to their clothing and manners, both are more than able to adapt to modern times. Since they sometimes drop jokes about the use of emails.

Given the fact that Thor and Hercules (and in fact almost all the Marvel superheroes) are updated versions of mythological figures, it makes sense that both the gods away of the old (and frankly inaccurate) speech patterns that comics used at the beginning of their publications.