– My predictions for the Oscar 2021 – News Mexico


This quarantine makes us wonder how the world will be when we get back to normal. Better said: What will be the new normal?, what will disappear is the greeting of hand?, what the mass events will be less massive?, what we will have exchanged make reservations at restaurants to make food at home? The questions vary according to the professional swivel to which we devote ourselves.

Thanks to a meme that I shared on Twitter, it occurred to me an exercise of prediction related to the film industry. The meme, illustrated with characters from Sponge Bob, suggests that, given that this year, the commercial premieres lasted until mid-march, and knowing that the Academy of the Oscar only rewards films that have been screened in cinemas, then the winner of the statuette for Best Movie would end up being the reviled “Birds of prey”, which to me seemed dignísima; for others, it cut short the streak prestigious that DC had during 2019 with a quietly ironic. In addition to get a laugh, this meme is conducive to talk about how the film industry is facing a disruption that does not come from innovation (as was the case during the last few years), but of a profound crisis.

The Academy of motion picture Arts and Sciences has already announced that it will amend its rules to ensure that the selection process for the Oscars to happen regardless of what may have been their conditions of exhibition of the productions applicants. This solidarity does not change from night to morning, her reputation as an organization of the reactionary with the technology of the streaming. What would happen if, in accordance with its rules archaic, the Oscar was obliged to reward only the films that reached a release date traditional between January and march? Ironically, the quarter’s weakest of the year, cinematically speaking.

Let’s imagine the category of Best Film Oscar-2021. I would start by nominate The invisible mangreat adaptation of a classic horror that sneaks into your premise current issues such as the gaslighting without being forced. Elizabeth Moss elevates the film out of its genre and the final (mature enough for a commercial film) does not manipulate our perception of the victim that is the subject of the story. He would continue with United states; unjustly ignored. To be a raid quite late in the territory of elves, wizards and dragons, Pixar contrived twists that make miracles to compensate for the low originality of the material. If you do not have one of the best end of Pixar, at least it is my favorite. I would add then to Birds of prey; vehicle to assess Margot Robbie as a producer. Complements the film comics feminist ambivalence, good action scenes and has a director that not evades film with violence. The last two nominations would give to Emma, the newest adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel and The Way Back, about a former star of the basketball that is redeemed to be accepted as a team coach of his alma mater university. The prediction is so bizarre as to interesting.

This scenario of an Oscar precarious would have advantages: the shortlist of Best Film would return to its quota original five titles, which should never expand. The heated and often wearisome discussion on favorite to win it mesuraría considerably. All of these would be a better winner than Green Book. This possible future is “for your consideration”.