Netflix is already planning a second season of the series in live action

The executive producer of Netflix, Jeff Pinkerauthorized the production of a second installment to the live action of Cowboy Bepopalthough we have not yet seen the first season.

The japanese anime tells the adventures of a bounty hunter and his companions in a context futuristic while trying to catch different criminals.

The first delivery was delayed by production problems that brought the pandemic coronavirus, and due to an injury suffered by one of its protagonists, John Cho.

However, this pause would not be a reason for the series to continue moving forward, as a new interview with the middle The Observer, Pinkner revealed that the giant of streaming, already have plans for a second season of the adaptation:

“I think that I am very excited by our opportunity to take this iconic anime and give it life. I think that because we have these episodes of an hour, we have the opportunity to take it, to deepen and appreciate the source material.”

Although Netflix did not publish an official statement, the producer stated that, for now, the goal of the production is to honor the source material and attracting audiences who are not yet followers of the series in japanese.

“Really [la serie] features stories set in that world in a way that, with luck, not only will delight the fans of the anime, but that will expose a lot of new people to the world of Cowboy Bebop and to the incredible work of Yoko Kanno,” he added.

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