Not only videos of dance: the new fashion trends already are not presented on a catwalk

If anything has been confirmed these last few weeks, in which the celebrities have not come virtually from home, it is the success of TikTok. The application started without a lot of fame, has become a real phenomenon. Models as Emily Ratajkowski, actresses and influencers have open profiles in which they have proved their skills and creating choreography. Though not only of dances draws the new social network. Many have seen the opportunity of making known his love for trends wearing some of their premieres of the season. The news of the catwalk appear in the minifilmes. But it seems that a number of proposals are starting to succeed in their own content. The proof that if before it was street style the example to follow, has been relieved by the home style.

The neckline of the 2000

Already 20 years have passed, the minimum time necessary to see the trends with perspective, and the very famous cleavage looked really good Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or Keira Knigthley has become thanks to TikTok. As in many of your videos the clothes of dance seems indispensable, the crop tops and the waists low have become the abdomen in the new center of attention. It is time to say goodbye to the cut outs subtle and change them by opening more exaggerated.

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