Paparazzi captured the entire anatomy of Jennifer Lopez from behind


Jennifer Lopez popularized in the year 2018 leggings sports. Since then, news where you want to go with these curve-hugging tights. The pandemic by the coronavirus, on the other hand, has made the opportunities to see her like that are almost nil, but not for this reason forget the best catches of the paparazzi.

One of the pictures, more “hot” JLo with leggings exposed to the diva with a red set. The paparazzi saw her leaning on a vehicle and thus captured one of the images most sensuous Jennifer Lopez with your gym clothes.

The last time the press caught on to Jennifer Lopez in the street with leggigns, was the day that it broke her quarantine to go to the gym. Fact that earned him hundreds of reviews, because it does not prioritize the social security and the own health in addition to the rest of your family.

Jennifer Lopez.
Jennifer Lopez/Grosby

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