Quarantine coronavirus: three novels apocalyptic, but fun


1. “Revelation”, by Stephen King

In 1978, he published The dance of deathof Stephen King. Revelation is your recut, extended, 1990. The story begins with a man who sneezes in a service station, and ends in a world ravaged by a deadly virus. Between the epic and the mystical, the group of protagonists, is advancing towards Las Vegas, where Randall Flagg, the embodiment of all evil, to whom have to overcome. The oracle that the guide is an elderly woman who appears in the dreams of all. Heroes are ordinary people, sometimes noble, other petty.

Stephen King, author of “Revelation”.

2. “The last man” of Mary Shelley

To Mary Shelley she is considered a writer of horror, but in reality always was an author of gothic science fiction. The last man it was first published in 1826, three years after Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus. And if his most famous work speaks of the horror and of the irresponsibility of science to life (and then death) in the NINETEENTH century, in the most unknown account, a world of the future: it is 2073 and the Earth was wiped out by a strange epidemic. In his time criticized her with such hardness, that the book disappeared from circulation and was practically anonymous. Until it was rediscovered and just released again in 1965.

Mary Shelley, author of “Frankestein” and “The last man”.

3. “I am legend”, Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson it was a short story writer, novelist and screenwriter of horror and science fiction that he knew how to cross the two genres to create a unique style and staff that made school. In 1954 he published I am legend, a novel that many know, but for their versions film. The last man on Earth (1964, with Vincent Price), The last man alive (1971, with Charlton Helston) and I am legend (2007, with Will Smith). Any account of the story as well as your original. In a perfect blend of the paraphernalia vampiric with the dystopia, in which Robert Neville, the apparently the sole survivor of the world, is alone in a city empty of day, but populated by vampires at night. The doubt that traverses along the plot is: do you resist or surrender?

What if you were the last man on Earth? Will Smith in the film “I Am legend”.


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