Ricky Gervais, Chris Hemsworth, Roy Berocay and other guests in the weekly agenda – Tvshow – 19/04/2020

There are some new developments in the grid Netflix for this week.

The first is that the Friday comes the third and final season of the mexican The house of flowers that is all of a phenomenon of Netflix and that there is a note somewhere in this section.

It also has its followers After Life that same Friday, has its premiere on Netflix. It is a series created by and starring Ricky Gervais, who moved to the history of a certain nihilism and disdain for the humanity that tends to have its humor. Here he plays Tony, a journalist who tries to deal with the cancer death of his wife. In a tone of black comedy, the man does what he can with his depression and after contemplating suicide, you prefer to continue living doing what he pleases as a way of punishing the world by the death of his wife, who gives him directions on a few recordings he left before he died.

Gervais is the creator of classic series such as The Office and Life is Short.

Netflix is also premiering on Friday, Mission rescuethat has to Chris Hemsworth (or is nothing less than Thor) as a mercenary who must go to Bangladesh to rescue the child kidnapped from a drug trafficker. However, what was to be a custom routine becomes a transformational journey.

It is one of the first major platform for this year because, in addition to having a star in the cast, was a writer Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of the last Avengers. It is based on a cartoon.

Two series were very different

The series british have a loyal audience that tends to praise their care, formal in the script, the performances and the staging. For that hearing, on Monday, Film & Arts, premieres the new season of The Durrells. It is based on the trilogy of novels, autobiographical written by Gerald Durrell, about the wanderings of his family in the Greek island of Cofu between 1935 and 1939. It is a family unique, and their adventures are engaging and never too dramatic. A good company.

In a line-totally different, the Tuesday, Fox will premiere the third season of 9-1-1, the series created by Ryan Muprhy (the great producer of the time) about the events of a group of rapid response in cases of emergency Los Angeles. In the cast are, among others, Angela Bassett and Jennifer Love Hewitt, and is the classic series police, one of the traditions most long-lived of the tv.

Writers chatting books

Planeta proposes two talks online to be able to continue to be connected with the books. Both are in the Facebook Planet Books Uruguay. Today at 15.00 and with the title Stories of rootedness and rootlessness charlarán the Spanish writer María Dueñas and the argentina Viviana Rivero talk with Cristina Brause. Own and Rivero are the big-sellers of Spanish literature: his recent novels are The daughters of the captain and The soul of the flowers, respectively.

And tomorrow, Monday, at 16.00 and by the same channel will be the presentation of Emilio Reus. What doer or villain? of Damiano Tieri. According to the official communication, the book “seeks to delve into this character that, in just three years, he was one of the big makers of his time, as bright as fleeting”. Reus was a controversial transformer of the country in the late NINETEENTH century.

Uruguayan cinema in public television

Released in 2009, Giantthe film Adrián Biniez, won several important prizes at major film festivals such as Berlin (where he brought three Silver Bears) and San Sebastian (where it won the award in the section Horizons). It is the love story of a guard the safety of a supermarket, Jara (Horacio Camandule) who falls in love with a female employee, Julia (Leonor Svarcas), the first from the distance of the security cameras and then to follow it by the city. The film has that tone of a lot of uruguayan cinema to tell stories everyday in tone asordinado that lets you see details and highlights of the small gestures and places. Biniez, who is an argentinian based in Uruguay, he would continue his career as a director with The 5 workshops and The surf. Giant is on display Tuesday at 21.00 in the cycle of uruguayan cinema a couple of weeks opened TNU.

Children’s choir and Roy Berocay on YouTube

Today at 19.00 on the YouTube channel, CulturaencasaUY of the Ministry of Education and Culture, was premiered Fable, a show of National choir of Children. Has music and original texts of Roy Berocay and the collaboration of “Smurf” Lombardo on two songs. Directed by Victor Mederos, was released on 29 November last year at the Auditorio Nacional Adela Reta, and review some of the fables very well-known with the self-confidence of a usual Berocay.

And today but in the cycle SolisTV, also in YouTube will be screened at 21.30 a program of the cycle of history in the Making dedicated to two of the biggest names in theatre and culture of uruguay, Estela Medina and Taco Larreta. Both reviewed his life, his work and the history of the cultural moment of the country in which he lived. And will do so in the first person, which gives it a unique tone. The culture is still alive in these times.