Selena Gomez acknowledges that he enjoyed hurting their partners


Selena Gomez has dared to assume part of the blame in the disaster of some of his past relationships and he confessed that he did not behave in the most appropriate way with their ex-partners in some circumstances.

The artist has armed of value and he explained to the magazine ‘Genius’ that she has been able to be toxic in any of their relations because, in a certain way, he enjoyed hurting their partners. In this way, all that is known about his media relationship with the canadian Justin Bieber may have given a little twist because it seems that the interpreter of ‘Feel Me’ would not have put a lot of work on your part.

Because of the immaturity and of the increase of his fame, according to Selena, he confessed that manipulate their boyfriends supposed to feed your ego at the time that he began to succeed on the big screen. “By the way we tear down the person that we are to lose confidence and so not to lose them. It’s like: ‘oh, I’m happy that you’re crying for me, clearly I still loving’and all of those things,” explained Selena.

Although everything has been explained to the artist to coincide with the time that Justin and Selena were together, the singer of ‘Intentions’ committed serious errors in its past relationship that has had to ask for forgiveness. In this way the statements of the american exculpan Bieber of his failures, but probably can be used to fully understand the love story between the two.

“I think that both men and women do, especially when we are teens (…) Is the satisfaction of hurting someone because we know that they do care” concluded Selena, trying to find explanation for his attitude, that both surprised his followers.