Selena Gomez reveals details about her line of beauty Rare Beauty


It has revealed new information about the cosmetic line of Selena Gomez “Rare Beauty”, which will launch this summer in Sephora, North america.

Selena Gomezthe interpreter of “Boyfriend” had already announced on Instagram his line of beauty “a Rare Beauty” this next launch. Between the beauty products that will be available are, Lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow.

The singer recently spoke about this new challenge in his professional life. “My generation has a lot of pressure about how they look. I wanted to make a cosmetic line, to get rid of her. ”

Last month, we reported for the first time that it planned to launch a cosmetics brand.

“Hey guys, I’ve been working on this special project for two years and I can officially say that Rare Beauty it will be launched in stores Sephora in north America this summer! Follow rarebeauty and be a part of our beautiful community. Here is a small preview. And I can’t wait.”

The account of “Rare Beauty” explained Selena in the following way.”The founder of the brand, thinks that we are all unique or rare.” “However, there are many people who feel trapped with the idea that we have to be unrealistic and unattainable. In Rare Beauty we accept each other as we are. In our imperfections we find our beauty.”