Shakira and Gerard Pique, they boast tender poem that their children wrote


The defense of the Catalan club, Gerard Pique and his wife Shakirathey were surprised pleasantly by their son Milan, who wrote a tender poem that left everyone moved by the beautiful words that expressed the small.

The colombian singer and the player of the Barcelona were the source of inspiration for their children in this quarantine, and was the proud Gerard Pique who bragged about the beautiful text in your social networks, causing an uproar among his followers.

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“Poem by Milan. I am very proud of him,” wrote Pique.

I love my dad charm.

He always makes me feel honored.

He is the best friend I have ever had.

He never makes me feel sad.

He plays all sports with me

and likes to hang out on Jet-Sky.

We both like to climb trees

and escape of the bees.

We invented many things

and we played chess as kings.

We like to acurrucarnos

and then we like to embrace each other.

We like to ride our bikes

and we like hiking.

I love my dad charm.

He always makes me feel honored.