Sofia Kenin reveals to your opponent harder


Sofia Kenin has shared a special relationship with Serena Williams. Of course, Serena has been the face of tennis EE. UU. Since we have memory.

Who wouldn’t would she? To win 23 major tournaments in a career that has lasted for two decades, Serena has won all accolades possible. Sofia Kenin obviously wants to take that mantle and become the next big american star.

She has already taken small steps in that direction. Kenin was the champion of the Australian Open in 2020, and also entered the top 5. Things only improve as Sofia Kenin has only 21 years old.

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Sofia Kenin

What did Sofia Kenin on Serena Williams?

Kenin was doing a question and answer session on Instagram in vivo and many other stars of tennis these days. One of the obvious questions was on the opponent harder than it has ever faced.

The response of Kenin was shocking or predictable, depending on how you read it. Of course, its only major encounter with Serena was at the French Open in 2019. Kenin believes that this is the turning point of her career by beating Serena 6-2, 7-5.

However, it certainly won a lot of respect for his compatriot. The next big commitment Kenin with Serena Williams came in the Fed Cup this year. Things had changed now that Kenin was not a rookie.

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Coconut Gauff and Serena Williams

In fact, he was leading the united States team as defending champion at the Australian Open along with the great star Serena Williams. Despite the fact that both lost their individual meetings, the team of EE. UU. He earned the victory, and the fans also were able to see their association magic.

It is difficult to say if we will see another match between Sofia Kenin and Serena Williams. Depends on many variable factors. We don’t know how much time Serena Williams will continue playing tennis. That will be a decisive factor in a future confrontation. Everything is based on guesswork until you reach that point.