Sony will design a robot that will be with us playing on the PlayStation 5


Sony has several ideas ambitious for the new generation of consoles, in this case, it seems surreal because the japanese company recently registered a patent for a companion robot that will watch you as you play PlayStation 5.

This initially emerged as a super idea crazybut once we know the why of it, you will see that it can be a pretty good idea, by reminding us of the success that had R. O. B. in his time with the Super Nintendo.

Concept art of the potential partner cibernetico PlayStation 5 / Sony

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According to a research, it has been found that the gamers it feel more motivated to play when someone is watching, and this cyber a companion could also congratulate you when you complete a certain level or to cheer you up when you you get to jamming.

The DualSense is the control already confirmed for the PlayStation 5 / Sony

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Sony knows quite a bit about robotics, because previously developing a kind of dog cyber AIBO, which to date continues to receive updates.

It is hard to imagine this is really going to go from the conceptualization stage, but that does not mean that the japanese giant not be able to continue imagining.

Currently we do not know the exact date of the PlayStation 5however since we showed the control of the console called DualSense.