The beginning of Shawn Mendes on Vine


Shawn Mendes, it is currently one of the popular singers of the time, however, there was a time when he was just a young man trying to make a name for himself on the Internet. Thus, the same as his girlfriend Camila Cabello who started on a reality show Shawn had to start from the bottom.

In the case of the singer was the now-defunct social network I came the one that launched him into success, the implementation was something similar to TikTok: short videos of people showing off their talents, or your daily routine. That was where Shawn saw a chance to shine.

With nothing more than his voice and a guitar appeared in front of the camera singing small parts of the most popular songs of the time. This little by little attracted a lot of fans that simply adored his way of being and a sense of humor.

In 2014 attracted the attention of record label A&R where he was offered the opportunity to record her first single, the singer was only 15 years old. The song “Life of the party” was a success. For 2015, their first album is already positioning itself as number one on the list of Billboard.

So it was like Shawn was growing up in the music, now with only 21 years, he has released 3 albums, all with a great reception from their fans. It has also managed to be present at the most important stages of the artistic medium and is one of the young artists most listened to.

Thus were the beginnings of Mendes, further proof of the power of social networking, one thing you certainly have perfected many celebrities such as Kylie Jenner.