The best of the historic concert ‘Together at Home’


Christopher JueGetty Images

These last few months, we are leaving an amazing time for the I remember. The unit comes to light more than ever and initiatives that proliferate by the social networks to fight the boredom and to promote messages solidarity encouragement and hope are so many that counting them is an act of patience. Beyond all the festivals poetry, reading, cooking and music that are emerging in streamingin the early hours of yesterday came something that since we were announcing a few days ago and that filled up, our houses, magic and intimacy.

Lady Gaga joined the World Health organization to organize this year’s edition of Global Citizen, an annual festival of music that brings together year after year to many of the most well known faces of the art scene international. But the extraordinary circumstances of this year, succeeded in this latest edition was different from the previous and taking advantage of the incredible contacts of the singer, the moment we are living and the solidarity of the artists, brought together more than a hundred reputed names in a huge concert that will go down history.

Most of eight hours music and comments from public figures such as the Beckham, The Rolling Stones, Becky G, Pierce Brosnam, Priyanka Chropa, Elton John or Celine Dion, were recorded and edited with different images with the aim of creating and raising funds for the fight against the coronavirus.

So, starting with a dialogue of Jameela Jamil and ending with the performances of singers such as Taylor Swift and a wonderful quartet formed by Lady Gaga, Celine Dion,John Legend and Lang Langonce again, it demonstrates that in bad times, shining the humanity of people.


Lady Gaga, John Legend, Celine Dion and Lang Lang

The closing of the concert could not be less, with four of the faces’s most acclaimed music. Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Lang Lang and John Legend joined their voices and put the finishing touch to the evening with the song itself Dion, ‘The Prayer‘.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez it was another of the artists that thrilled the spectators. Interpreted ‘People‘and, after his concert, he wrote an emotional text on your social network:

“There is one thing that I realized during all this time, and it is how much we need to all … ✨? With a few christmas lights old garage and some candles left over from our feast of the Super Bowlhere in the house, I tried to gather all the love in the world in a thank you to all those who fight, work, sacrifice and do their part. I love you, I’m with you and I strange! #People
A humble thank you to my idol @barbrastreisand for inspiring me always in the best and most difficult moments … and thanks to @glblctzn for inviting me! #TogetherAtHome“.



Beyoncé he also didn’t want to miss this appointment, and gave a message of encouragement to the health workers, and a call of support to the community african-american:

“The doctors and nurses and other health workers who are away from their families caring for our own, we continue to pray for your safety. For those in the food industry, workers, delivery, mail carriers and sanitation workers who work for that we can be safe in our homes, we thank you for your selfless service. Black americans belong disproportionately to these essential parts of the workforce that may not have the luxury of working from home. And communities african-american in general have been badly affected in this crisis. Those with pre-existing conditions have an even greater risk. This virus is killing black people at a rate alarmingly high here in United States. A recent report from my hometown, Houston, Texas, showed that of the deaths of COVID-19 within the limits of the city of Houston, 57 percent of the fatal cases are african-american. Please protect yourself. We are a family and we need you; we Need your voices, your skills and your strength in all of the world. I know that it is very difficult, but have patience and be encouraged, keep the faith, stay positive and continue to pray for our heroes. Good night and God bless you.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift interpreted ‘Soon you’ll get better‘, a beautiful song that pays homage to the figure of his mother.


Billie Eilish

The piano Finneas and the voice of his sister Billie they achieved an excellent result of the song ‘Sunny‘.


Elton John

Submitted by Victoria and David Beckham, Elton John dazzled at the piano, singer her famous song ‘I am still standing‘.


Sam Smith and John Legend

Two voices in the acoustic of two of the singers most reputable. Sam Smith and John Legend interpreted ‘Stand by me‘.