The cinemas look to July to finish with a closing histrico


Cinemas Spanish look to the 24 of July as the date to re-open after closing, historic to mid-march caused by the pandemic that has ravaged part of the world. That is the criterion, at least, of a wide representation of industry professionals. Though the date of reopening, as it is logical, it is not definitive because it must be fulfilled a series of requirements to government, multinational corporations, Hollywood and its affiliates in spain are conducting a remarkable effort to put an end to the nightmare of the coronavirus which has made havoc, and that, certainly, there is no doubt that we have lived the experience the more tragic of the century.

Against this, however, it is noteworthy the work carried out by the exhibitors face to keep the rooms of the city in its best state, adapting them to the demands imposed by the new circumstances in the field of security that has generated the Covid-19. In this sense, and in words to INFORMATION director of Kinepolis Alicante, Javier Caparrosthe company, which has a hundred complexes in numerous countries, has fully assumed that was still something vital to the maintenance of the industry revenues reported by the different channels, that is to say, the cinemas, the DVD and the tv through the producers and distributors, qualified essential to keep the content current quality.

So much so, that the film continues to be in the halls, and generally, the cornerstone to maintaining the seventh art, a great value for a society in terms of not only cultural and educational, also at an industrial level by the large number of jobs maintained and complementary sectors of the that draws.

Given this reality, the personnel linked to the exhibition, added to the above-mentioned sources, will be key to achieve that the back of the public rooms is a real fact in the short term. Proof of this, according to the director of Kinepolis, is that they are going to act combining efforts and the professionalism to return to the activity not to beg. In that direction are on track weekly meetings that take place at the international level with the purpose of encrypting the results of each country since its reopening.

Granted these bases, there is no doubt that for the return of public cinemas must establish an order of priorities in which enhance the safety and quality. A conviction is a consequence, above all, of a facility that include, among others things, the most modern technological advances. Among them should be cited the spacious rooms that allow you to control the capacity and maintain the social distance during the projection; sanitary products for hygienic safety of the spectators and ventilation of the rooms with the cooling of the air conditioning.

“Mulan”, the big premiere of Disney for the re-opening

The multinational corporations already have new dates in Spain to The black widow, The Empty Man or Death on the Nile

The main premiere to put an end to this period of closure of cinemas in Spain, as in many countries around the world, will be Mulanfrom Niki Caro, the story of a young and beautiful heroine china that had to impersonate a man in order to conquer their rights. A title which, by the way, I was prepared for that estrenase in our country on the 27th of march. With she will be put again in motion the mechanism of classic movies.

Although it is still too early to give an understanding of the relationship of films planned for the beginning of the summer and for the fall, you can advance some to go opening step, all of them fruit, mainly, of the determination of the Factory Disney for taking the initiative on this aspect and access to a normality that is the most common wish and decided the whole sector.

So, The black widow, Cat Shortland, with Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr., originally scheduled for the 24th of April, passed the 20th of October and The Eternals, Chloe Zhao, which is dated for November, was delayed to February 12, 2021. For its part, the horror film The Empty Mandirected by David Prior, will be released on August 7, 2020, and on the 21st of the same month will come T I have one and only Ivan, an animated feature film with Angelina Jolie.

For the nostalgic of the Beatles, a story not to forget, the 4 of September come the documentary The Beatles, get back, and the 18th of that month, The Kings’ Man, Matthew Vaughn, with Gemma Arterton.

Death on the Nilethe adaptation of the actor and british director Kenneth Branagh of the novel of Agatha Christie, will be released on the 9th of October, and the expected The french dispatch, the most recent of the brilliant Wes Anderson, initially planned for this summer, the 23 of October.

Finally, this first connection is closed with the musical Everybody’s talking about Jamie, which will arrive in Spain on the 6th of November, while Deep Waterbased on the novel of Patricia Highsmith, with the hispanic cuban Ana de Armas and Ben Kingsley at the front of the deal, it will see the 13 of November.

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