The conceptual art of Infinity War shown to Thanos absorbing the souls of the Avengers

The concept art has shown us many deleted scenes or ideas that did not reach fruition in the final cut. In the case of Avengers: Infinity War, since we saw how Doctor Strange drove her crazy to Iron Man while he tried to rescue him on his journey to Titan. Now, John Staub returns to share his art, but this time is much more spectacular.

In this new revelation, we see a scene in which Thanos absorbs the souls of all the superheroes that were on Titan: Guardians of the Galaxy (without Gamora), Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Nebula.

After getting the Gem of the Soul in Vormir sacrificing Gamora, Thanos attacked Titan, and to defend himself, he would have used the power of this Gem of the Infinite by separating the soul from the bodies of our heroes.

“The Avengers” with their souls being drawn out of the body. Here is another image done for the battle of Titan in Infinity War,” said Staub in your personal account of Instagram. “I was particularly happy about how it was the face of Star-Lod / Peter Quill”.

The funny thing is that this scene was shotaccording to declared Tom Holland in one of the press conferences that he offered for Spider-Man: Far From Home last year, although he said that only the Guardians of the Galaxy were affected by this attack of the Titan Crazy.

The Gem of the Soul is one of the biggest mysteries of the tape, as just we saw come into action when Doctor Strange attempted to confuse Thanos and he used it to distinguish their true enemy.

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