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The second season of this podcast comes to Spotify and Apple.

Give play to Sorry to be old it is how to become an accomplice of a conversation between two friends. Precisely, the spontaneity, the freedom and the humor with which they treat topics such as relationships, infidelity and fetishes is what makes special to this podcast created by the mexican Lucero Celis and Fernanda de Orduña. To purpose of the premiere of its second season, we talk with them from the City of Mexico, where these days go by the confinement.

The beginning

Sorry to be old started in September of 2019, with the idea of, as it says Fernanda de Orduña, “knock madness”. “We were invited to a podcast and we were told that the issue would be the female orgasm. It was a joke, and we ended up talking about something totally different, but we were wanting to do a program together. The following week we started to record,” recalls Star Celis.

On Twitter, Fernanda (@Soyfurrr) and Lucero (@rosabintash) they have thousands of followers, who share in its way as natural and free to express themselves, a feature that replicated in your podcast. “The people who listened to the first chapter reacted, and we realized that we could talk about anything, but from a female perspective and comic,” explains Fernanda.

You can follow the podcast on Twitter and Instagram as: @perdonxservieja.

One of the comments most repeated to the creators of Sorry to be old is that they say the things other women would say them. With this same idea is that both of them select the topics that will be addressed each week, and have gone from addiction to the cell to the toxic relations, passing by the nudes and the ghosting.

What’s new

After 20 episodes, the podcast premieres its second season when the majority of cities in Latin america and the world are to be found in confinement by the COVID-19. Due to the quarantine, Fernanda and Lucero decided to record several episodes in a single day, and between new plan to dedicate a space to the brotherhood, to how to choose your race, and abortion.

The running of the bulls both take advantage of it to enrich different aspects of their life. Lucero ensures that the landfill has helped to strengthen the relationship with your boyfriend, and Fernanda uses his time to catch up with their readings, as well as to write and edit.

Sorry to be old emerged as a “hobby of friends,” admits the Star, so that the response of the audience took their creators by surprise. Both agree the satisfaction that produces them feel that there are people who can identify with them or you can help through your podcast.


The first season of Forgiveness for being old can listen to them through Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, and every Monday there is a premiere episode of the second. In addition, you can subscribe to the program by using the platform Patreon, which features exclusive content.

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