The daughter of Will Smith admits addiction to drugs

The daughter of actor and singer Will Smith he confessed his fight against drug addiction in the program Red Table Talk, driven by his mother Jada Pinkett Smith.

Willowof 19 years, said that three months ago does not consume marijuana, and who has noticed how the addiction was affecting your life, your relationships and your productivity.

“When I quit smoking was a great revelation. There are so many people that I called friends in my life, that I just had turned away. Really made me think: ‘does This really is interesting?'”, told the young man.

“I know that sounds cheesy, but when I stopped smoking, I started doing a lot of yoga. I really distinguished myself because put all my energy into it, did nothing more. And I was like ‘Wow, what if you were doing this with everything? And it really made me think about what I’ve been missing, what I haven’t been putting all my effort or put all of my mental capacity,” said Willow.

Jada told her daughter how proud I was of her for having “stopped the excessive consumption of marijuana”, whose effects in her life she was a witness.

The confession of Willow in the latest issue of the popular program, which is transmitted via Facebook Watch, was made not only in front of his mother, but also in front of his grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, 66 years old, and took the opportunity to also talk about an addiction even more dangerous.

The mother-in-law of Will Smith had a problem with heroin addiction for 20 years: “I could Not hide the emotional damage and spiritual damage that I did to myself and to others. That was devastating.”

The women of the Smith family took the opportunity to deepen the damage they do drugs and encourage their followers not to succumb to them in times of confinement, isolation, fear and uncertainty leads to increased vulnerability.

“Just think really what is the first thought in your head before smoking. And if it is something you generate stress, try to use as leverage in any way. Try to think of that. And if it comes from a place of negative, examine it because if it comes from a place of negative, that could be a ball of snow,” said Willow about the desires of drugs that may arise at these times.

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