The history of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad was “gutted”, according to its director


David ayer, director of Suicide Squad, has answered to the criticism that puntualizaban on the approach of Harley Quinn in his film, and in Birds of Prey. Although the film managed to amass 746 million dollars in all the world, a good part of the audience rated the film “a disaster”, driving this to a new reinvention in charge of James Gunn, which premiered in 2021.

If there is something that managed to conquer the fans in Suicide Squad, was without a doubt the Harley Quinn than Margot Robbie. This led to the producer, Warner Bros. to think Birds of Prey, the film starring this villain of DC. The problem arises in that many fans think that the development of Quinn has been best focused for Cathy Yan in Birds of Prey, which by Yesterday in Suicide Squad.

Harley was sexualized during the entire movie, Suicide Squad and in Birds of Prey was a real characternot something flashy,” says a fan of the character on Twitter. Before this, Yesterday, he responds by justifying the deal that Quinn received in the film with a “Unfortunately, your story arc was gutted. Was your film in many ways. Look, I tried. I interpreted the comic book Harley with precision. Everything is political now. All. I just want to entertain. I’ll do better“.

Recently, David Yesterday showed an alternative design of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, something that perhaps has been able to unleash this age-old debate. However, I still lack to see what it shows us James Gunn in her promising version of the Suicide Squad to 2021, what will win back the public?