The laws of ecology and the COVID-19 | News of The Savior


Each thing in its time, that we are in quarantine cumplámosla, and those that have to work, be happy, do it with love and dedication because they are contributing to the economy does not stop.

At other times I wrote about the “Basic Laws of Ecology”, and as they are universal, it is healthy to relate them to this pandemic…
1st. Law: “Everything is related to everything”, including the people… A virus of a market or in a laboratory escapes from Wuhan spread all over the world, getting to prime ministers, prominent people in all countries and, if we don’t take care of them, also to you and to me.
2nd. Law: “Everything is going to stop somewhere”. Those who died and continue dying return to the earth. “Dust you are and to dust you shall return”, but here we will be hundreds of thousands of tons of sanitary waste, millions of surgical masks and hospital equipment, listed as hazardous waste by the risk of contagion. Let us hope that here we are giving you the proper handling to avoid contamination and environmental damage.
3rd. Law: “Nothing is free”. Yes… Everything has an economic and social cost. Will be billions of dollars needed all over the world, here $2000 million to combat the pandemic, the recovery of the companies and jobs of the sectors that stood by the pandemic.
4th. Law: “nature is wise and autodepura”… Weeks after quarantine in China we saw satellite photos, where the dark clouds on the industrial cities had been transparentado and, as everything is interconnected, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will have a positive impact on climate change. Today, the clouds of pollution over all the cities like New York, Paris, Madrid, and here also, they are transparent… So is that it relates the COVID-19 with the ecology…
And knowing what is happening and will happen after the quarantine, the best thing these days and those that are missing is to think about how to intelligently confront the environment a little different, with the restrictions that surely will continue and the lack of resources of all who have had to stop working…
But, if you remember, after the attack on the Twin Towers were restricted flights, but a few months later she recovered the air traffic and millions of people went to travel around the world. Here, a few years after the earthquake of 2013, the cities were rebuilt and today looks better.
For every crisis in history there were pioneers who contributed to solutions in medicine, electronics, communications, and in many industrial fields, which brought progress and the world is as it is by the solutions that have been given to the crisis. From this we learn many things and also we will beat it.
Let us be positive in front of the situation that we are living in the whole of his reality, and if you must go because your company needed, or because it has that “rebuscarse”, for the daily sustenance, do it respecting the regulations to prevent the disease, as this virus does not make differences, spread even to those who believe themselves the smartest and the complication is that, unwittingly, spread to your family.
Keep calm and motivation, do not pay attention to or forward messages of prophets of doom who believe scientists, sabiondos pedantic that invented world wars, or pseudo-religious that predict the end of the world. Informed sources reliable and assume that, “THE BEST WAY TO STOP THE PANDEMIC IS to NOT GET it, NOR SPREAD it TO THE FAMILY.”
Each thing in its time, that we are in quarantine cumplámosla, and those that have to work, be happy, do it with love and dedication because they are contributing to the economy does not stop.
If you are in quarantine help in something for the housewife and quiet after the storm all the rivers with some variants always come back to your channel. Whether you are working as in quarantine, have a great Sunday with your family.

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