The secret of the famous for success, according to Mel Gibson

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The actor and film director, Mel Gibson revealed that several celebrities Hollywood participate in gory rituals to achieve fame and success in their careers.

According to the Oscar winner as a director for the film “Braveheart”, which also won the statuette for best movie in 1995, a number of celebrities in Hollywood are “soaked with blood of innocent children”.

Photo: Internet

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“The consumption of blood of infants, and some rituals are common currency,” he said Gibson in statements to the site and collected by the magazine Quié

According to the actor-producer, he was invited to be a part of this cult in the year 2000, and it was there where he found out several atrocities.

Against possible retaliation, the actor says not to be afraid, because those could hurt for all of the above and in addition, part of this cult, they are already dead.

The medium in which it circulates the job interview is considered as one of the largest sites of fake news in United States.