To 50 years, they are the women who have stolen his heart


Tomorrow, April 19, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri is 50 years old and throughout his life The Sun of Mexico has been recognized in addition to his great vocal talent by her good taste and not only in material, but in women who have stolen his heart, they all have one feature: they are very pretty.

It is well known that Luis Miguel he is a man very much in love; throughout his life has been related to more than 30 women, between them famous mexican, international and up members of the royalty.

Following the series from Netflix that is based on the life of the singer, her fans want to know all about Luis Miguel, so we took on the task of looking for those famous that are part of your history-loving.

His first love

Mariana Yazbek is a photographer and according to what we saw in the first season Luis Miguel: The series, the father of the singer was not in agreement in their relationship and did everything possible to separate them.

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The mothers of their children

Stephanie Salas. Is the mother of his daughter, Michelle Salas, with it never had a formal relationship.

Aracely Arámbula. Many media shows speculated that The Sun would settle down with her, since she is the mother of his younger sons Daniel and Miguel.

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His great loves

Isabella Camil. It is said that she is the love of your life, because they met children and had a love of youth.

Mariah Carey. The singer suffered a severe depression when he ended his affair with Luis Miguel.

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It should be noted that the list of brides Luis Miguel includes more than 33 women.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico