Tom Holland makes “an interpretation of Oscar” in ‘Cherry’, according to Joe Russo


Although Tom Holland has had to say goodbye suddenly to various filming this pandemic 2020 (sent home on the first day of production of ‘Uncharted’), there is a movie that yes managed to finish recording: ‘Cherry’, what’s new with the brothers Russo. A title that can be converted into a milestone for the actor of 23 years: do sound the bells of Oscar?

Tom Holland in 'Cherry'

At least if you ask its director, yes (what is going to say it, of course). According to Joe Russo, speaking with ComicBookTom Holland has an interpretation “worthy of an Oscar”: “I think that is absolutely amazing. It offers an interpretation that puts a knot in the throat. What you do to yourself emotionally and physically is amazing. We have not seen an actor in a role well in a long time. The film covers a decade, complemented by a performance epic. And one that I surely hope that is in the conversation for the Oscars”.

When do we see ‘Cherry’?

Before anyone starts a campaign of “Oscar to Tom”, we have to see the movie in question, and given the circumstances that has raised the coronavirus, may not arrive in time to enter in the shortlist of the Oscars or, more likely, the Oscars will announce changes in its rules to adjust to the exceptional situation. In any case, Joe Russo says that the film the wind in its sails despite all, what is concerned is the industry post-coronavirus: “We are in post-production. We have been mounting remotely with our editor. We are finishing the mounting, and starting with the music and the sound so that it will be ready in a few months. The question is, how are you going to be the market? When going to open the cinemas? There are many questions that must be answered before we launch”.

‘Cherry’ was not marked for a release date yet. Based on a novel by Nico Walker, focuses on a doctor in the army who suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome and who is addicted to drugs. To pay their debts will be dedicated to rob banks. In addition to this project, Anthony and Joe Russo, premiered on April 24 on Netflix ‘Tyler Rake’, an action movie starring Chris Hemsworth that have been produced under its seal, AGBO, and Joe Russo has written based on his own graphic novel, ‘City’. Directs the action specialist Sam Hargrave.