We deny reimbursement to a man for $ 10,000 invested in toilet paper for resale

The owner of a supermarket denied recently a refund to a man in Australia that bought toilet paper and hand sanitizer for around $ 10,000.

YouTube and appeared in a radio program to talk about the situation and why he refused customer refund request.” data-reactid=”29″>John-Paul Drake, director of Drakes Supermarkets in Australia, recently released a video in YouTube and appeared in a radio program to talk about the situation and why he refused customer refund request.

“I had my first client yesterday, who said he wanted a refund for 150 packages of 32 rolls of toilet paper and 150 units of a litre of disinfectant [de manos]. I told him that,” said Drake as he showed his middle finger to the camera.

During his appearance on ABC Radio Adelaide in Australia, Drake explained that the man contacted them to request a refund after it was unable to sell the products on your eBay account.

“In the conversation, [el comprador dijo]‘my eBay site was decommissioned, so we were not able to speculate with that’,” said Drake to the radio station, saying that the sum of the products amounted to near $ 10,000.

The situation took place at a time in which many people around the planet has participated in a shopping panic, in which many believe they need to accumulate products such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer, mainly as a result of the new coronavirus, which has had people in isolation and quarantine.

After the influx of shopping panic and accumulation of various articles, a certain amount of supermarkets, including Drakes, has imposed a limit on the amount of items per customer, but according to Drake, this particular client found the way to give back to the limits.

“The person had a team of people that bought the products, because only you are allowed to buy one each time”, said Drake to 3AW Radio in Australia. “Then, you do your sums 150 shopping separately to buy them. Absolutely shameful.”

“The rest of my team [está] accustomed to this type of behavior and have to watch people to not to take more than you need; it is something hard with which to deal,” added Drake during his appearance on ABC Radio.

A similar situation occurred in the supermarkets Woolworths in Australia at the beginning of march. As increased purchases of panic in the shops, Woolworths issued a circular to their customers detailing a change in the refund policy.

In Australia, the new coronavirus, which causes respiratory disease COVID-19, has infected more than 6,400 people, according to a follow-up program provided by the Johns Hopkins University. The virus also has caused at least 63 deaths in the country.


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