What a novelty! Kylie Jenner did something that changed the face it Shocked everyone!


To be one of the top references in the world of fashion and beauty, and owning your own cosmetics brand, Kylie Jenner always knows how to mark a trend.

Image is everything to the youngest of the Jenner, why that always shows up well-groomed, made up and well coiffed.

Something that has caught the attention of the admirers of the u.s.is that tends to get bored quickly of the appearance of their hair.

This was demonstrated a few days ago, when the entrepreneur decided to post a picture showing the new change that was made and that makes it look very different.

In the past, the model came to use the hair to shoulder height, with the result that his followers suspected that he would lead that court, that ensure that we remained well.

However, the famous he surprised everyone by doing the opposite and appear with a long mane and golden tones.

Never before, he came to see Kylie Jenner sporting a mane with a tone so clear and this new look makes her look more serious.