What a shame! Messi stole a kiss to Shakira in front of his wife … Look what she did!


Messi and Shakira surprised all their fans in a football stadium, you Poor Pique!

Shakira is one of the great figures of the international media, since at various times been highlighted in the media for her great musical success and great controversy.

As we already know, the singer Shakira has a beautiful relationship with the player Gerard Pique, and for this reason, it is usual to observe the beautiful couple surrounded by great players.

In this opportunity, I saw Shakira and Pique accompanied by the player Lionel Messi along with his wife, this seems to be a normal meeting before it happened the unthinkable.

Therefore, in a full meeting of the friends can clearly see how Messi kisses the cheek to Shakira after a big hug, this simple action seems to Antonella Roccuzzo him upset because he saw a face of few friends, don’t hesitate to pouting and crossing arms!

So far, Messi and Shakira have not given details of what happened, however, the media do not let pass this situation by high.