What happened on the 18th of April?

Such a day as today, a April 18, 1847 is the opening of the first April fair of Seville in the Prado of San Sebastian, attended by close to 25,000 visitors. Although this anomalous year due to the crisis in coronavirus the April Fair will be deferred to September, these festivities became one of the most important of Seville. The April Fair has only been interrupted for two years due to the Civil War.

Also a April 18 marks the anniversary of the death of Albert Einstein, whose death occurred in the city of Princeton (united States). The German physicist is regarded as the most famous scientist of the TWENTIETH century, due in large part by developing the Theory of relativity (E=mc2). Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics 1921.

See below for the events of today, April 18, and discover all of the historical events, births and deaths that occurred on a day like today.

What happened on the 18th of April?

1738: Was founded the Royal Academy of History in Madrid.

1847: Is the opening of the first Fair of April of Seville.

1909: Joan of Arc is beatified in Rome and subsequently declared a saint in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.

1946: It dissolves the Society of Nations, which transfers its functions to the UN.

1949: Proclamation of the Republic of Ireland in Dublin.

1982: Attack of ETA against the facilities of the Telephone Company, in the street of Rios Rosas Madrid

1983: Attack against the U.s. embassy in Beirut that killed more than 60 people in Lebanon.

2004: José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero orders the return of Spanish troops in Iraq.

2009: Alberto Nunez Feijoo, leader of the Partido Popular gallego, assumes the Presidency of the Xunta of Galicia.

Who was born on the 18th of April?

1480: Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of pope Alexander VI

1772: David Ricardo, a british economist

1823: Walter Leak Steele, u.s. political

1852: Eleuterio Delgado y Martín, Spanish political

1877: Carlos Ibarguren, historian and argentine political

1911: Julián Grimau, Spanish political

1925: José María Requena, Spanish writer

1930: Roberto Sosa, honduran poet

1940: Joseph Leonard Goldstein, nobel prize in physiology or medicine

1947: James Woods, actor

1963: Conan O’brien, television presenter

1979: Kourtney Kardashian, model, actress

Who died on the 18th of April?

1756: Jacques Cassini, French astronomer

1802: Erasmus Darwin, british scientist

1941By : Domenico Quattrociocchi, Italian painter

[1945: John Ambrose Fleming, british inventor

1955: Dies Albert Einstein, physicist author of the theory of Relativity and won the Nobel Prize in Physics

2006: Manuel Capdevila, painter and goldsmith Catalan

2014: Guru Dhanapal, director of indian cinema

What is celebrated on the 18 of April?

International day for Monuments and Sites

World day of amateur Radio

Independence day of Zimbabwe

Horoscope of the April 18,

Born on the 18th of April belong to the zodiac sign of Aries in the horoscope.

The lives of the saints from the 18th of April

Santos Eleuterio, Perfect, Calócero, Apollonius, and Andrew.

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