What they returned? Jennifer Lopez met with Marc Anthony and what happened was amazing-I Look at them!


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have called the attention of all the media. Recall that the beginning of their relationship was extremely controversial they Were hidden from the world!

The love story of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony was the tale favorites of the media. On more than one occasion, the singers shocked their fans on the stage, and it is therefore saw Jennifer Lopez singing and dancing the famous “Aguanile” by Marc Anthony in front of thousands of people.

And in this opportunity, we have observed some photographs of the singers that has left a lot to think about, we can visualize Marc Anthony along with JLo very happy and smiling what a Coincidence?

To the surprise of all, both celebrities were together because it was a special date for your twins, especially for her daughter Emme. The image of which we speak is found in the profile of Instagram of Marc Anthony and next to it we can see a little dedication.

The post appointment the following: “Nothing more than love between us. @jlo” This simple comment broke out the social networks in matters of seconds as expected.

What is certain is that everyone is waiting for sunrise one day and find the news most awaited by everyone, JLo and Marc Anthony are together again!