Will Smith is accused of sexual abuse by an actor in Disney


The actor Orlando Brown, who released several years ago by playing the role of Eddie in the series of Disney Channel That’s So Raven, and whose career as a rapper was on the rise at some point, recently published a disturbing video where throws terrible accusations against Will Smith and Michael Jackson. According to the interpreter 32 years of age, was sexually abused by the two, but that is not all. Also apparently one of these two famous star is your true biological father.

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The life of Brown beyond the sparkling lights of Disney and the fame of being a child star on the rise was brutally changed when he broke definitely his relationship with the company of the mouse and its productions. In 2018 he was arrested for serious offences relating to the possession and consumption of narcotics, but what has most concerned to his followers for years is his impaired mental health.

Recently the account of Instagram of The Neighborhood Talk published a disturbing video of Orlando Brown singing a song in which he revealed highly sensitive information. The first accusation is directed towards Michael Jacksonbecause the interpreter affirms that the King of Pop tricked him and sexually abused him. He also claims that Will Smith we did the same thing, and that takes years to repress his desire for revenge for the damage that he did.

Their accusations become more confusing when it goes to accuse the actor of In Search of Happiness – 67% of being her rapist, saying that he is the real Trey (the name of the eldest son of Smith). Literally says “I am Trey, I am your long lost son-time”, and then change the verse to say that it is Blanket Jacksonthe son of the well-known pop singer. The strange thing is the end of his song, where he ends by saying that Will Smith it is the true Michael Jackson.

Unfortunately, the accusations of Orlando Brown can’t be taken seriously because of the history of the interpreter. Two years ago, the former star of Disney spoke at the program Dr. Phil about her struggle with addiction, mental illness and homelessness. Confessed to the presenter who was dependent on alcohol, methamphetamine and marijuana, and that all of these substances led him to a dark place of which I could not get out. During the show he also made statements like his recent controversial rap, given that it could not agree on the age of their three children, and had even forgotten their names.

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During the same visit with the Dr. Philthe state of mind of Orlando Brown was put in doubt when he said his full name was “Orlando Brown Prince Michael Jackson Jr.” and he claimed to be the son of the deceased pop star. According to his former agent told him to E! Newsthe actor also claimed to be the son of Will Smith and when you got into trouble asked to speak with the protagonist of I Am Legend – 70%, at the same time claiming to be the owner of Neverland. Before thousands of television viewers, the former actor of Disney declared himself as a biological heir to the talent of the interpreter of ‘Billie Jean’ (via life.shared):

My father was Michael Jackson, the great Michael Jackson (…) Always asked me why am I so astronomically blessed and talented when it comes to being talented. I rap, sing and do all immaculately (…) And also talking with different members of the Jackson family, you know, has been confirmed. So yes, it is a blessing to know that. I can sit here today and say that yes, Michael Jackson was my father.

Obviously, it is unlikely that the accusations of Orlando Brown come to any part beyond the rumors and theories of the Internet, so it is not expected that Will Smith what to take seriously given that the mental health of the former actor of Disney is markedly impaired.

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