5 movies psychological thriller that will leave you thinking

In times to stay at home, it is natural that you’re looking for new content to view on your platforms streaming favorite. At this point, you might be tired of the comedies, the romance and the drama, so why not give him a chance to horror movies? Your spare time, are an excellent opportunity to nurture your list must watch.

Not many people are fans of the ‘scares’ nonsense. That is why here we gathered a list of films belonging to this genre that, in addition to make yourself twitching the face, will leave you thinking until the last minute and after you finish.

The Witch

This film takes us to New England of 1630 years. A family is exiled from his community after a religious conflict, having to assert themselves, with very few resources, mysteriously disappears, his son Samuel, the youngest of the family, while he was in the care of Tomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy), her only daughter. That will be just the beginning for her discover their supernatural powers that will be delivered to forces that are too dark.

Directed by Robert Eggers ‘The Witch’ you do not have to be very graphic to cause you tapes the eyes, only with your soundtracka marvel composed by Mark Korven, you will feel that you get goose-skin of the hand sequences suggestive that evoke a true story of terror based on legends of the pilgrims of New England.


‘Us’ tells the story of Adelaide Wilson (Lupita’nyong o) and your family. Together they travel to the beach house where she grew up, however, the young man senses that something sinister to accompany them and find out what it is when it comes into contact with a family identical to yours in the middle of the night, and right outside of your home. This is not by chance, the plot will take you to discover a criticism of racial discrimination and xenophobia in the united States full of visual elements that will impact with force while you can. It is a work of the director Jordan Peelewho no doubt displays its own version of terror.


‘Suspiria’ tells the story of Sussie Bannion (Dakota Johnson), anyone who arrives at a dance academy in Berlin to become on the protected of Madame Blanc (Tilda), a director of the institution. The arrival of Sussie coincides with the murder of one of her companions, a fact that will lead to the protagonist to dive into the dark secrets that hides the place, associated with witchcraft and black magic.

The director of this remake, Luca Guadagnino, paid a true homage to the original tape of the 1977 Dario Argento. What stays etched in the mind after you finish watching it definitely is its stylish aesthetics and excellent photography accompanying sequences dreamlike and very feminine.


The director Darren Aronofsky shows again his ability to let us reflect on this movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, who play a marriage of a housewife and a writer who live away from the world in the middle of a forest. Their relationship is affected when he invites strangers to spend the night at his house, a fact that will highlight the problems of approach that exist between the couple and remind Lawrence of his deep desire to be a mother.

Balancéandose between the suspense, the terror and the drama, ‘mother!’ you will cause mixed feelings. On the one hand, it addresses the issue of couples in which the ego represents a dilemma large, but on the other is full of biblical references and metaphors with that it is easy to conclude that the film is not a love story, it is a criticism very raw humanity.


This is the story of Justine (Garance Marillier) a young canadian woman who has begun the career of veterinary medicine at the university and receives their respective hazing, but this event will be the beginning of a drastic evolution of his personality, that ends up to know that the student has become a cannibal.

The movie has the direction of Julia Ducournau and beyond the scenes that will have you twitching your face, will make you reflect, thanks to its implied allegory to the loss of innocence and sexual awakening a woman during her youth.

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