5 movies to cry that you will reach the heart


If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to enjoy some of the movies to cry on Netflix, we tell you which are the best.

Seven souls

One of the films most beautiful of Netflix, starring Will Smith. Ben Thomas is an inspector of Finance of the Angels that helps people, although the reasons that lead to this are a complete mystery. But when she meets Emily Posa and begins to feel attracted to her, all their plans will come down.


The protagonist of the film is Hectora young man of 17 years that is internal in a juvenile facility. When you are encouraged to participate in therapy dogs, establishes a very special bond with a dog, which highlights the name “Sheep”. When the dog is adopted, he decides to escape to go looking for it.

The journal of Noa

A classic of the cinema now you can enjoy Netflix. The protagonists of the story are Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton two young people from different worlds who decide to fight for their love. However, neither the war nor their parents will be anything but easy.

Dear John

A beautiful film, perfect for those days in which you feel the most nostalgic. John Tyree is a soldier who returns home from a permit and falls in love with a young university, Savannah Curtis.

A monster comes to see me

And, finally, a film by Juan Antonio Bayona. Connor is a boy of 12 years after the separation of their parents takes care of the home because his mother is sick with cancer. Comes face to face with his phobias and fears with the help of a monster, but you don’t have it easy: their fantasies are given from the front as much with reality as with your calculator grandmother.

These are the best movies to cry on Netflix.