5 tricks that we’ve learned from the famous to take care of the hair


The confinement of the pandemic, the COVID-19 has changed the world as we knew it. Our beauty routine is not the same, and we have to depilarnos, do our nails, and dry our hair at home. Now, how can we to care for hair at homeespecially if you have dyed? The famous give us some tricks.

Gigi Hadid

For some time the model feels comfortable with their tone, although it is true that often changes the hue of your hair, playing with the brown and blond. On one occasion he confessed that he loves the dry shampoo because so avoid punishing your hair with washes are unnecessary.

Jennifer Aniston

The colorist, Jennifer Aniston we advised to keep the color of the hair add a few drops of argan oil to the conditioner. A simple trick that’s worth a try.

Sienna Miller

Oddly enough, Sienna Miller gets muddled in the hair to take care of it, keep it perfectly hydrated and to maintain the coloration intact. What makes a few minutes before washing it off. It seems that this trick of walking through the house it works very well because it takes using it for years.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of the famous that more defends the natural cosmetics to take care of both the skin and the hair. I like it a lot apply vegetable oils to moisturize the hairas the argan or coconut oil.

Blake Lively

The mane of Blake Lively is one of the most envied. The actress likes to take care of their hair with natural products, such as coconut oil. How do you apply? On the dry hair. Then, picks it up in a bun and leave on for several hours. Finally, you only have to wash your hair as you normally would, and voila!