A faithful spokesperson! Eva Longoria is added to combat the Covid-19 Among all!


There are many celebrities who join the ranks of struggle against the Covid-19 virus that caused a pandemic spread, among such personalities is Eva Longoria.

The actress performs strong action to help all the Latin people that are in different parts of the world in a situation of extreme vulnerability.

From the social networks the interpreter organizing a campaign for the benefit of people who only speak Spanish, because generally all the distributed information is disseminated in English.

This situation would particularly hurt the thousands of latinos who today inhabit the united States, one of the countries that have already exceeded the half a million infected by coronavirus.

Through its account of Instagram Eva shared a photo next to a sign that says, “#Assistance in Spanish for my family”. It also opened up the challenge by adding colleagues from the fields of art.

“To get the information you need to visit lulac.org/ayudaen English, to help generate awareness.” Added the star of mexican descent.

Finally let us remember that, Longoria transformed into a total spokeswoman for latinos, and is organizing for may 5, a concert virtual called “most High Live”, the date is very significant to the mexican laborers who live in the USA.