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HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- Prior to the historic concert, the activities of One World Together At Home started from 11:00 hours with the marathon of musical performances that could be enjoyed exclusively through social networks.

During 6 hours of artists from around the world sent their admiration for the men and women who risk their lives to eradicate the pandemic of coronaviruses, and in the same way reminded his fans to keep quarantine and abide by the preventive measures of infection.

Then, these were some of the presentations highlights:


One of the songs that propelled the career of Luis Fonsi is “I do not give up”, which he wanted to sing to the world to send a message of hope to their fans.

“We cannot give up or lose hope in this pandemic,” said the Latin singer, who was accompanied by three musicians for their participation.

Later he would return to singing the favourite theme of his career: “Slowly”.

“We ask that you follow and respect the precautionary measures that it has implemented the WHO. Stay at home and take care of a lot.”


From the study of his home in Colombia, Sebastian Yatra appeared to send a message of admiration for the health workers.

The colombian had his participation in this historical concert with the song “Steal a Kiss”, a theme that launched in 2018 to duet with Carlos Vives. Later, he returned with “A Year”, dedicated to couples that are estranged by the pandemic.

“I want to pay tribute to all health workers who fight tirelessly to eradicate the pandemic of coronavirus. You are a hero. And us staying in the house also we will be, we’re going to stop this disease.”


The vocalist of The Killers, Brandon Flowers and drummer Ronnie Vancci Jr. it showed in the room of a house, with guitar and keyboard, to a concert, intimate and acoustic, where they emphasized the importance of attacking the quarantine during the pandemic world of the coronavirus.

Previously The Killers had already appeared in the live broadcast with the success, “Mr. Brightside”.

“I hope they are all safe at home. We want to remind you that we have a collective responsibility to end this pandemic. We have to follow the instructions, keep your distance whenever possible, for this to end as soon as possible and get back to normal.”


Niall Horan, a former member of the british band One Direction, he sang alone from home its simple “Black and White”. Shortly after appeared to play guitar to the song “Slow Hands”.


Kesha was moved to all Twitter with your intervention music. First with the touching song “Rainbow”, which was accompanied with pictures of children that decorated the balconies to cheer up their neighbors in the quarantine.

After his performance, he returned to perform in “Prayin'”, a song that speaks of a very personal moment and dark within his career. In networks, their fans applauded the incredible falsetto that was almost at the end of your presentation.


Becky G has not participated with any song, but if with interventions which raise awareness about the importance of health workers in full pandemic.

“We want to pay homage to the workers who are in the front line, teachers, grocery workers, firefighters, people who deliver goods (…) it Is time to show gratitude to the doctors and nurses who are fighting for our lives so that we are safe and abide by the instructions of the WHO to help eradicate the coronavirus. Stay at home, you will be safe”, was one of the messages offered by the artist.


Another Latin singer was present at the music marathon was Juanes, who stated that the humanity will be more intelligent and strong after the crisis of the Covid-19.

“We are facing a crisis, but I assure you that we will leave her, more strong and smart, please stay at home, because the only way we can end up with the coronavirus,” said Juanes in English.

The singer chose the song “future’s past” to raise the spirits of their fans in this historical presentation. He later returned with a version at the piano of his “It’s for you”. A marathon of artists!


While Twitter no one overlooked that Elle Goulding desafinara in One World Together At Home, also applauded play acoustic their famous song “Love me like you do”. Later, even with tuning problems, but all the excitement, performed the song “Burn”.


Jessie J sang two songs and with that went crazy on social networks.

“A song that talks about unity, and to be in this together,” said the artist before singing “Flashlight” (‘Flashlight’). Shortly after returned to invite his followers to dance “Bang Bang”, from any part of your home to rejoice in this pandemic.


To close this marathon of six hours, Jennifer Hudson appeared to congratulate the health workers, and deliver an innovative version of a gospel piano of the song “Hallelujah”. For this touching presentation, the artist was accompanied in a video of their choir members who helped to harmonize the song from the distance.

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