Activate website to know which hospitals can treat cases

Authorities activated a tool so that people can see which hospitals in Mexico City and Mexico State have the capacity or beds are available to address cases of COVID-19.

Both the app of the CDMX as on this page you can see what clinics are available, which have average availability and which do not have availability.

At 13:00 hours this Sunday, he was marking that had no availability clinics such as the Hospital Regional Ignacio Zaragoza, ISSSTE, Hospital General de Mexico Dr. Eduardo Liceaga, and the Regional Hospital the First of October of the ISSSTE.

In severe cases of people who have no how to move, gives the instruction to the people to dial 911.

“Do you need to go to a hospital for emergency in the CDMX or EDOMEX To successors in title of the IMSS or ISSSTE go to the hospitals, enabled,” reads the page.

“If you do not have health insurance, looking for hospitals available Secretariat of Health of the Government of Mexico (SSA)of the CDMX (SEDESA) and Secretariat of Health of the EDOMEX.

Located here, the availability and proximity of the hospitals designated to handle these cases or brand Locatel the 56581111″.

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