Amazing! Selena Gomez surprised everyone with his mansion


One of the example’s largest exceedance of Hollywood, Selena Gomez, has shocked everyone with his “humble” house. While it is true that the celebrity owns several properties, it is in charge of selling and buying new fixed assets. On this occasion, the new acquisition was worthy of admiration.

Motivated to confinement mandatory, all the celebrities are at home, for this reason, the tabloids have been tasked to scrutinize the way of life of the stars. After these deep investigations, the abode of the young celebrity was in the top, since it seems a hotel complex or a palace.

Selena Gomez: Evil in love, well in the real estate

It became known that the housing of the celebrity is located in California – United States and it is one of his favorites. Some assert, that among the amenities offered by these walls are: six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a huge swimming pool, yoga room, a recording studio, kitchen, outdoor and kitchen interior for the chef.

All these details are distributed in 3 floors and approximately 1,000 square feet. In summary, it is a beautiful shelter to survive the mandatory quarantine. Surrounded by a beautiful forest, manages to have the privacy that you need. This property was Tom Petty -the vocalist of the band “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers”- that is why it is perfect, it was built for an artist.

A beautiful home equals a great investment, as this house it took Selena a few euros, to be more exact: it is 4.5 million! With a central skylight, the home is located perfectly illuminated by sunlight and provides all the amenities necessary. The singer decided to keep the rustic style but agregare its chic style and harmonized perfectly in the spaces.

Although it appears that “all evil in the love“ the celebrity showed that not only is a good singer or actress, because it is all an entrepreneur of real estate. His short 27 years of age, has demonstrated that its administrative decisions have turned out to be the best.