And the coronavirus ate the dragon; children’s stories for a Sant Jordi atypical


The children’s stories in the diada de Sant Jordi are equally or more important than the adult, although in the lists of best sellers and the most sold pass always missed. This year, the editors of child and youth have made it impossible for the range of new products not falling and that the tales could occupy a strategic place. In this small section, we echo some of them.


‘The ugly duckling’

Details of the book, 'The ugly duckling' of Attilio

Details of the book, ‘The ugly duckling’ of Attilio
(Creative editing: Anna Belil)

This is a classic very special in that it is intended for very young children. It is
The ugly duckling
, illustrated by the hand-a veteran of the Italian Attilio Cassinelli, an illustrator genoese with more than 200 children’s books published. In their simple drawings, geometric, colourful, almost childish, and very expressive, lies the success of your books. The editorial Edebé, also taken from the same author of other classics such as
The three little pigs

Raul Cows and Ana Gómez (illustrations)

‘The cow skinny’

Details of the book, 'The cow skinny' Raul Cows and Ana Gómez (illustrations)

Details of the book, ‘The cow skinny’ Raul Cows and Ana Gómez (illustrations)
(Creative editing: Anna Belil)

The cow skinny
is the tour off for a year in the life of a cow skinny, a res which is a little depressed because her calf has been taken to live in Switzerland. Not even going on vacation to the beach just put happy as we has verse flowery and giggly the poet in salamanca Raul Cows. Fun and original with a multicolor palette and cheerful with the the illustrator Ana Gomez just round off the story.

Petr Horáček

‘The last tiger’

Details of the book, 'The last tiger' by Petr Horáček

Details of the book, ‘The last tiger’ by Petr Horáček
(Creative editing: Anna Belil)

With few words and a few magnificent illustrations that remind us of drawings made with crayons of colors, the illustrator Czech Petr Horáček tells the story of a tiger believed to be strong and powerful, until a group of hunters captured him and took him to a zoo to the delight of the entire audience. An excellent history of dye animalistic with a happy ending that helps us to appreciate the things in their fair measure. And also to question the places where animals live in captivity. Also in Catalan.

Mine Cassany and Tània Garcia (illustrations)

‘One, one million’

Also cut animal is One, a million (Mosquito Books) of Mine Cassany and Tània Garcia (illustrations), excellent large format book which tells us about how the animals live, the communities and solitary, the most sociable and the huraños. Rhinos versus hippos, flamingos in front of the golden eagle. A great format with a attractive and thoughtful illustrations.

Mariona Tolosa Sisteré and Ariadna Garcia Turon (text)

‘The secret life of the pupae’

Details of the book, 'The secret life of the pupae' of Mariona Tolosa Sisteré and Ariadna Garcia Turon (text)

Details of the book, ‘The secret life of the pupae’ of Mariona Tolosa Sisteré and Ariadna Garcia Turon (text)
(Creative editing: Anna Belil)

As explained to us profusely illustrated The secret life of snot and now the illustrator of barcelona Mariona Tolosa Sisteré us account with the help of the author Ariadna Garcia Turon The secret life of the pupae, a book very full of uys, ays, tears and a lot of red ink. A book that illustrates in a fun way the functioning of our body and how it is put in gear before a woundin addition to providing catalog flowery of all the different types of pupae are there, including the rainbow that leaves a bruise. A proposal to have on hand when you have pupae to the view, that with small children it is almost always. Also in Catalan.

Lola Houses and Gusti (illustrations)

‘Lletjos i lletges?’

Details of the book, 'Lletjos i lletges?' Lola Houses and Gusti (illustrations)

Details of the book, ‘Lletjos i lletges?’ Lola Houses and Gusti (illustrations)
(Creative editing: Anna Belil)

“A person who has thoughts, beautiful can never be ugly”. The quotes from Roald Dahl, the collected Lola Houses in Lletjos i lletges? a magnificent catalogue faces brilliantly illustrated by Gusti that will make us open our eyes to the great variety of forms that there are which are fun and eccentric. A tribute to the diversity and what makes us unique.

Hélène Druvert and Emmanuelle Grundmann (texts)

‘The ocean’

Details of the book, 'The ocean' by Hélène Druvert and Emmanuelle Grundmann (texts)

Details of the book, ‘The ocean’ by Hélène Druvert and Emmanuelle Grundmann (texts)
(Creative editing: Anna Belil)

The author of the spectacular Anatomy, Hélène Druvert, that through the dies brought us in the depths of the human body, we immersed now in the deep waters of The ocean to show us all its wonders. Again with dies, illustrations and animations, we’re encountering the animals that inhabit the waters of our seas according to their depth (the most scary abstain from visiting the dark or nether). We will, in addition, the trip that done a drop of water; assist the birth of a wave and we will see what delicate corals and the great wealth they bring to our marine ecosystem. A book with a spectacular shark down to learn how it works up the food chain, and a myriad of data that will make the reader revisit time and time again this great book. Also in Catalan.

Angela Green and Rachel Through (illustrations)

‘You can save the world’

Details of the book 'You can save the world' by Angela Green and Rachel Through (illustrations)

Details of the book ‘You can save the world’ by Angela Green and Rachel Through (illustrations)
(Creative editing: Anna Belil)

Although the title may seem a bit pretentious, their intentions after reading it are not. This book of the activist Angela Green aims to awakening consciences among adolescents through 38 characters, many of them young people, who thanks to their actions contributed and contribute to that increasingly more people involved with the environment and the preservation of the planet. The book starts with the Greta Thunbergthe young activist’s most famous moment, but it includes many other less well-known as the youth of Uganda Hilda Flavia Nakabuye, who managed to raise awareness about the state distressing in which lies lake Victoria, the second largest in the world, and is the leader of the Youth for the Climate in Africa. We also find the scientist Charlie Veronthe oceanographer Jacques Cousteauthe explorer of the National Geographic Enric Sala… Even know the most committed of the famous actor Leonardo di Caprio. All a surprise.

Ximo Abadía

‘Boom, the war of colors’

Details of the book 'The war of the colours' of Ximo Abadía

Details of the book ‘The war of the colours’ of Ximo Abadía
(Creative editing: Anna Belil)

For lovers of the album as a book, the author of alicante Ximo Abadía gives us with his style so particular, this synthesis of what is absurd are the wars and what motivates them. Boom, the war of the colors it is without doubt a little gem that follows the trail of other titles by the author as a Frank. The incredible story of a dictatorship forgotten (Dibbuks) where he explains to the children who was Franco. Also in Catalan.