Ariana Grande Vs Tatiana… to look at peleense


In social networks, specifically in Instagramthe american singer Ariana Grande it has become a trend, thanks to the interpretation of a classic in the history of Disney with a melody of the film Hercules.

The actress also launched a cover with of I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) or better known in Spanish as I will not speak of my loveplayed by the character of Megara.

On Instagram, he fulfilled the challenge Disney Family Sing ALong in which next to other singers as famous as Demi Lovato, Beyoncé or Vanessa Hudgens, interpreted the biggest hits of the company’s entertainment film and animation history’s greatest.

Even Ariana Grande got into the role of Damsel in dangerand with the outfit and makeup of Megarasimilarly , he interpreted to each musa during the tape play choirs of the song.

1997 version played by Tatiana

The original version of 1997, is interpreted by the singer and actress, Susan Egangiving the intentions needed to hide his love for Hercules.

But in Mexico, he put all debate in the mexican public that he put on trend to the Spanish interpreter, Tatiana.

The queen of all the children it was the voice in Spanish america from Megara with the topic Not to speak of my loveand in that time, Tatiana, was 27 years old when he made the character, only a year older than Arian Grande.

This topic gave a leap into the international world , and which shared credits with the puerto rican Ricky Martin.

Version of Ariana Grande 2020

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico