Batman movies to watch on streaming: from Adam West to Ben Affleck – Tvshow – 17/04/2020


Batman disappeared three years ago and with gotham City in chaos, you have to put in order is nothing less than the cousin of Bruno Diaz, is Kate Kane, that is to say: Batwoman. That’s the new series that HBO premiered today at 22.00 (and also for HBO Go) and that is, in addition, the first tv series about a superheroine gay.

Starring Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black), with 22 episodes and set in the DC universe, this fictional account with a heroine of origin tragic, that she was away from gotham City and now again he will have to wear the suit and fill the vacancy of the man bat. “Your superpower is to be a woman”, is the motto with the Batwoman, which emphasizes the gesture feminist well in tune with the times.

The arrival of this girl to the screen this is a good excuse to shop around for the streaming, and to review what versions of Batman are on demand. That, in addition, while we look forward with much anticipation to what will Robert Pattinson like this famous hero of comic strips.

The true impact of the Batman Adam West it was on tv: the series sparked a fervor in the united States that gave him mass popularity the man-bat, and obviously, after he had his jackknife in the film. Everything about this Batman and Robin Burt Ward was hilarious, and colorful. Had absurd dance, onomatopoeias printed onto the image and a few villains without waste. It is on Cablevision Flow, NSNow and HBOGo.

Adam West died yesterday at 88 years old. Photo: Spread

Adam West as Batman. Photo: Spread

1989 and 1992

“Batman” and “Batman returns”

In 1989, Tim Burton he became involved with Batman, and achieved a huge success. With Michael Keaton as a praised superhero and Jack Nicholson as one of the most prominent Joker in the film, won an Oscar for best art direction and marked in that aspect, a direction in which to proceed to the films of the genre. Burton and Keaton repeated collaboration in Batman returns (1992), and after that there were two sequels which completed the first series lm of character: Batman forever and Batman & Robinwith Val Kilmer and George Clooney the other (both forgettable). The two Burton are in Cablevisión Flow, NSNow and HBOGo.

Michael Keaton: Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992).

since 2005

The trilogy of Nolan

The best Batman film up to now is Christian Bale, remarkably directed by Christopher Nolan in a trilogy of dark and very human, which showed that the films of superheroes, they could also be good cinema without going in detriment of the blow box office: the collection was always huge and on the rise. Bale was grim and forceful in their interpretation, and shone Heath Ledger as a quietly ironic histrionic and reckless, which earned him an Oscar posthumously for best supporting actor (the other Oscar that got Batman: the dark knight was for sound editing). The knight of the night is in Flow, HBOGo, and in NSNow, where it will also be found for rent, Batman begins and Batman: the dark knight rises.

The quietly ironic in the dark knight. Diffusion

The quietly ironic in the dark knight. Diffusion


“LEGO Batman: the movie”

In a well-planned, different and suitable for all the family, Lego Batman: the movie follow the steps of a Batman tristón and lonely, adopt a orphan child, facing their fears and most intimate in addition to battle a number of villains. It is an adventure funny to the rhythm of rock of the eighties, what ever can go wrong. The criticisms of the praised and highlighted the recovery of that spirit of fun of the Batman of Adam West, as to give you an idea of where you are going the hand. It is available on Netflix.

LEGO Batman

Batman, Robin and all the villains of the comic are figures of LEGO.


“Batman vs. Superman: the origin of justice”

Back to the solemnity of Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego, when Christian Bale left the suit free, the that took it was Ben Affleckto a new era of ups and downs in the films of DC. Affleck was not so, so bad on the character, but the film had to show off, Batman vs. Superman: the origin of the justice, left much to be desired. Piping without sense in the script made its potential as a Batman to stay in the middle, but hit it to highlight above of Henry Cavill as that insipid Superman. Affleck (who went on to star in and direct another movie about the superhero, and not finally) also made of Batman in Justice leaguethat is not very good. In any case, the two titles are for rent in Clear Video.


Ben Affleck is the newest Batman.