‘Black Widow’: Do you Really see the true family of Natasha Romanoff? – Movie news

Maybe the biggest revelation of the Movie Universe of Marvel.

Few characters of Marvel Studios are so relevant that even after his death still following an authentic point of reference for the narrative interconnected nature of the Movie Universe of Marvel, one of them is about to release his film single: Black Widow who has become the spy iconic thanks to the outstanding interpretation of Scarlett Johanssontherefore the expectations on this film continue to increase and with them our excitement lm.

Despite feeling attracted by this new installment of the MCU, we must admit that we do not yet know many things of the past of special agent Natasha Romanoff, an aspect that could be disclosed (by order) on the tape next to be released. For this reason, it has been given special attention in the Russian family that has been shown in the trailers, which is made up of Alexei Shostakov to.k.to. Red guardian (David Harbour), Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), and Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz).


Theories have emerged since the first trailers and we will have to wait for any confirmation until the big premiere of the film, however, you only need to look carefully at the material revealed by Marvel Studios to try to understand the family aspects of Natasha. One of them leads directly to the possibility that Melina is truly his biological mother, let’s look at the evidence to find a possible answer.

At the close of the last trailer featured a version a the more elongated of the family gathering around a dining room, and in it, we can see a slight argument between Natasha and Melinda, on the one hand, our heroine seeks to clarify the plan that will be made while the character played by Weisz mentions in tone motherly “Natasha, don’t encores”.

Of course, this upset the volatile Romanoff and begins to exchange words, in the attitude of the mother-daughter and just is the own Alexei, who interrupted to say an interesting: “listen to your mother” while talking with the mouth full of food. Seriously make us think that it is a true family, but is this possible?

According to the time before portrayed, it is very likely that it’s just a casual talk and a little teasing to make her angry at Natasha. They could be a family with a solid foundation of friendship and years of missions as a whole, but not in biological terms. But if you like to delve into details… Melina is old enough to keep afloat the theory of the mother.


Following the theory of the MCU, Melina is another special agent created by the red Room that gives physical and mental skills to its members, there arises the black Widow, reason enough to think that biologically it was also unable to have offspring like that Natasha.

This allegamiento physical could have led to Natasha and Melinda to create a powerful connection to sentimental after having known in of hard training and missions that put their lives in danger. Then, more than a line of blood, they may well become the family life that destiny had marked.

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