Camila Cabello used tennis $50 dollars in a basketball game

The singer cuban-american Camila Cabello decided to wear an outfit that is a little more sporty to play a game of basketball in Miami.

The singer of “Señorita” overlaid on a top short collar with black lace and a mini-skirt with panels to paintings on black stockings semi-transparent with opaque tights until the thighs built-in. Wore the ensemble to play basketball with his father and his partner Shawn Méndes.

In addition, in their stories of Instagram looks that Hair protected their feet with shoes low lace-up. The “slip-on white Converse Chuck Taylor All Star” is a version without laces the classic silhouette of the brand and sells for $ 50 in

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The young 23-year-old explained in a post on Instagram that “decided to dress up today because unless you are working in, I rarely seen like this and it’s fun to feel cute with yourself”.

Quarantine of Hair

In the uploaded images on social networks will see the singer performing typical movements of the sport and asking the NBA to call her, in the tone of a joke. Without a doubt, in times of quarantine to celebrities looking to train with any activity even though it is not usual for them.

During his time in quarantine, the Hair has remained focused on the meditation and walks with her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.

Also will make an appearance along with Mendes in the special ” One World: Together at Home ” Lady Gaga April 18.

The past month of February, Camila Cabello confessed that it takes a long time suffering from anxiety. A mental illness that, although not noticed physically it has come to cause pain to the cuban singer.

The artist also explained the new method that has been found to combat the condition in the last few months, in addition to having the problems that has happened to you in your life.

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Drafting Cubans for the World

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