Celebrities in mexico and its challenges in Tik Tok


Famous mexican people have dedicated the time of their quarantine to catch up and make the challenges more popular Tik Tok

Choreography, dances, performances, and challenges that flood the internet from the application to china Tik Tok expanded and the famous mexican have dedicated the time of their quarantine to catch up and make the challenges more and more popular.

The actress Barbara de Regil and his daughter Mar have been a focus of attention both positively and negatively since they joined the platform. In addition to being the author of their own content, the mexican actress has become viral in the accounts of various users, including celebrities.

Known for its tips on healthy living, the actress and “influencer” it has been a protagonist of the live video most popular quarantine by transmitting daily exercise classeswhat has provoked ridicule among the famous.

Such is the case of Aislinn and José Eduardo Derbezwho have made various videos in reaction to the classes of Barbara so comic, as the actress and singer Kika Édgar and figures of the mexican rock as Francisco Neighborhoods, The Cress, co-founder of the now-defunct band little Bottle of Sherry, who recently joined the platform.

However, De Regil has been made fun of herself in the same way as the others.

@barbara_deregil212##duo with @barbara_deregil212I original sound – barbara_deregil212

One of the challenges of the viral of the moment is known as ‘Esperancita’ or ‘Damn wench’whose video has raised comments against and in favor, and the reactions of those who are recorded have gotten out of control creating even strokes.

The actress Angelique Boyer it is one of the actresses who have dared to make such a challenge with her boyfriend, the also actor Sebastian Rulli. In the recording you can see how Boyer leaves a fret over a Rulli while washing dishes and calls him a “damn good”, however, far from causing anger in him, she laughs.

The song Bazzi-called ‘Myself‘ has generated two challenges to duet with her. One of them with a high degree of danger, which consists in taking someone’s hair and make a plank to the floor without moving.

Vadhir Derbez it has been one of the famous in to try it and the result was negative, because the young man who stopped did not endure and fell to the ground.

The other challenge based on the theme of Bazzi it consists in holding a person’s shoulders and make it look levitating. Well-designed, Martha Higareda and Macarena García they have shared the challenge in their respective accounts.

Despite the fact that have spent several months of the iconic half-time of Super Bowl starring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, the followers of dance continue to undertake the challenge of the “JLO”, among them Barbara de Regil and stand-up comedian and actor Omar Chaparro, who showed that in addition to acting and singing, he dances.

Chaparro it has also been linked to carry out a number of challenges in the implementation, and among the many publications that has been made is a video in which his wife sings a song of Carlos Chavira in the form of comic describe a couple in love bipolar.

For its part, the singer Chiquis Riverathe daughter of Jenni Rivera, has not been back to the time of carrying out challenges, because once it was made viral the ‘Pillow challenge’ she was surprised in networks to show your photo covered only with a pillow in the body with a belt holding it up, plus a sheet stuck in the back simulating a tail of the dress to differentiate his challenge of the others.

The actress and tv presenter Maribel Guardia joined the challenge and also showed her statuesque figure behind the pillow.

Although it has only three videos in their account, the actress Eiza Gonzalez is already joined to the challenges of Tik Tok, among them a dance called “hit every beat”, which has also joined the singer and actress Danna Paola, one of the most famous of the active application.

With information from EFE