Chechu Bonelli held a physical change that leaves the quarantine

Chechu Bonelli and a quarantine on family Source: THE NATION – Credit: Ricardo Pristupluk

The quarantine currently applies in Argentina (and much of the world) leads people to acquire new habits, to spending more hours on family and spend time with many hobbies that maybe you were something forgotten. And a little bit of everything that happened to

Chechu Bonelli

that , in his account of Intagram made a brief report card on these days at home with her loved ones.

In a text published on that social network, the model and host of television wrote: “Hello how are you?! Step over here to tell you that this quarantine to me is leaving: 1 – a grain tremendous in the pear 2 – two kg more that I come very well, therefore I’m happy! And 3 – much love from my family 4 – a lot of learning!! What you do you are leaving this #quarantine ? It’s leo!”.

In some opportunities, Chechu spoke on the care that is taken with the goal of gaining weight and taking care of your health.

Because of this, is that for her, it is important to eat in a healthy way trying to get away from a thinness that could bring result in physical problems.

In their last postings,

the model emphasized the importance of spending time in family

considering that this is one of the positive aspects that leave this difficult situation of the world. Decided to look at the half full of the glass, Chechu celebrates the possibility of sharing moments with her husband,

Darío Cvitanich

, and their two daughters.

As seen in another of his recent texts that went up on Instagram, the days at home are of great value: “I Am one of those people who is very much enjoying being at home. We connect, we have fun, we share more time what we tend to do, and we cuddled a lot! That all this help us to be more generous, caring, kind and patient!”.

In a similar tone, Cvitanich also took a breather from his usual postings, sports, and cu account of Instagram celebrated the days that passed along to your family during this quarantine.


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