Club America: fulfilling 14 years of the controversial final of CONCACAF to Toluca


This 19 of April 2020, are met 14 years of the Cup Champions of CONCACAF that America managed to lift after defeating Toluca in the final with goals from Kleber Boas and Duilio Davino in front of one of Paulo Da Silva.

The Controversy was given in the second goal of the America by a clear out of place Kleber Boas that neither the referee, nor the standard bearer were able to detect.

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After tying to zero goals in the Nemesio Diez, arrived on the Aztec with the slogan of to achieve lift the trophy for earning a ticket into the World of Clubs of that year.

Paulo Da Silva scored just starting the extra time, but the response of America came in at the end of the first extra-time period.

A shot of the Gansito Padilla struck Kleber who was in advance, however, despite the claims of the players of Toluca, the goal was validated.

The second goal came at minute 115 through the defender Duilio Davino.

On that day America came out with this starting 11: Navarrete, Davino, R. Rojas, Oscar Rojas, Torres, Villa, Soares (Arguello), Padilla (Kleber), Rodriguez (Giménez), White and Lopez.

To date, the game remains one of the most controversial, as have been the VAR, probably the result would have been very different.