Club America vs Chivas: Alonso Sandoval revealed why he betrayed the Flock for the Eagles


During an interview for the site LatinUSthe former footballer Alonso Sandovalsaid that he does not regret anything that he did in his career, as having played in the Eagles of America despite having been a youth squad of Chivas, because that kind of opportunity can not be missed in life.

I played in the teams with the highest call in Mexico, I got it. The only bad thing was not having gone to a World and from there on out, I’m happy. It was a dream to play in America, though first making his debut with Chivas. It was an ideal that I had as a child, as any player. I keep a great affection for the two, because I was treated to 100,” he said.

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In addition, he said that could have had a career much more successful in football, but he made bad decisions for the same and for that reason was unable to do much more.

When one is very young and make mistakes, but I do not regret because the football is like life, you only live once and I did it that way. Maybe I did some wrong things in the right moments that I could go to a World, in the best moment of my career, but the destination was well, not measured out the consequences, but I’m happy with everything that I gave the mexican soccer,” he said.