Covid-19 in Pakistan: catholics distributed food and face masks to the poor


The Church and its faithful are mobilized to help the most vulnerable of this health emergency by Covid-19 in the most populated city of Pakistan, Karachi, under the concept of to help the brother that suffers, regardless of their religious belief.

Vatican city

In Pakistan, with 7.025 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 135 deaths, the Church and the catholics have been put in place to help their brothers and sisters. “In these days we have enough food, but there are many people in the neighborhood, in our own buildings, that are not in the same situation: suffering from lack of food”. What been declared to the Agency Fides, father Ryan Joseph, Rector of the Seminary of St. Pius X in Karachi. The priest asked the citizens to step forward to help the needy people: “seek the poor and needy of any religion, in their neighborhoods and help them”. How? “by buying food for the poor families and living the spirit of Easter with authentic charity”.

If each one helps two families…

The priest Ryan Joseph has invited each one to help you, at least, “to two families that are facing economic difficulties during this period of closure by the Covid-19″. “For our part – says – we helped 150 families in need, especially those who work as day laborers and now they are not making money because of the blockade”.

Package food for those living below the poverty line

In the church of San Antonio of the Archdiocese of Karachi, the parish priest, father Arthur Charles, says to Fides that your pastoral team is working to provide food packages containing 5 kg rice, 5 kg wheat flour, 3 kg sugar, 3 kg of lentils, different, oil for 900 families in the parish living below the poverty threshold”.

Help to families of different confessions: a sign of hope

Although in the city also are mobilizing the faithful, as, for example, Robin Patras, who together with his team of the company Aaron’s Inc. is trying to help 300 families in the suburbs of Karachi. “Together with my friends, I have taken this initiative to help these people in need. We see the joy that they feel these people after receiving food aid.” And he continues: “I Think that the assistance, for families of different religions, represents a sign of hope”.

The Archdiocese of Lahore donates 15 thousand masks

In the Archdiocese of Lahore, bishop Sebastian Francis Shaw has donated 15.000 masks for the poor and needy of the city, in particular to the health workers of the city. For his part, the father Ashraf Gill, the priest responsible for the Parish of St. James in the Archdiocese of Lahore, every day carrying bags of groceries and masks in several areas belonging to the parish: “we Believe that it is our responsibility to reach people, with food and masks to protect themselves, especially to 950 families in need who live in the parish,” explains to Fides.

The Cathedral of Hyderabad distributes food to 150 families

The father, James Castellino, Rector of the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier in Hyderabad, along with the help of your shepherd group, distributed rations of food to 150 families in his parish: “I Am thankful to God for the contribution of our parishioners, who helped us to raise nearly 225,000 rupees pakistani (about 1,250 euros) to support the families of those who work as day laborers”.