Cristian Crishan, the magician who could be the King Tiger mexican


Today, the series of Netflix King Tiger it is on the lips of all, but Mexico has to Cristian Crishan, your own extroverted Joe Exocticthat you may not remember. But before I talk about him return to the series from Netflix that has attracted the attention of marxists, animalist, vegetarian, anarchosyndicalist, liberals, feminists, conservatives, lawyers, morbid, journalists, the LGBTQ+ and all that that this locked up with eight hours available for one of the circuses media most important in the history of the streaming (and, without doubt, the perfect answer to the question of who would vote for Donald Trump).

The story is simple (and morbid): a white man of the united States (the ‘whitetrash’, we say) loves ‘big cats’ (and the weapons and to the guys heroin addicts 19 years of age) and decides to devote his life to the protection and care of them, but in the way it all turns into a big business in which the least important is it that motivated you in the beginning. This is Joe Exotic, as it is known the protagonist of this documentary serieswho is going to be revealing over the chapters, and the years every detail that exists behind the sales and trafficking of tigers and lions in the united Statesinvolving every minute of the series a new fact spectacular (includes assassins, suicides, and the boa’s video of Britney Spears) turning to King Tiger in the series that is taking the discussions and the arguments (including the premiere of a lousy chapter after the success) during the confinement and overall.

Netflix hit the jackpot with King Tiger

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And surely each country has a history as well: a character like Joe Exotic who has a documentary to witness how he constructed his identity, and his show of life by using animals (greetings bullfighters) as part of acts that today seem intolerable, and who became a legend for his daring and courage (some even in myth, as Carlos Camacho, owner of the zoo of Puebla, Africam Safari, who died attacked by one of his own tigers). And Mexico definitely is not back to the time of applying to yours, being the Magician Cristian Cri-Shan, our King Tiger.

Joe Exotic is the protagonist of the documentary from Netflix

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Personally, I have very clear (as I remember from childhood) waking up regularly with roars of lion and tiger that entered through the window without filter and with forcefulness. An alarm of the peculiar nature and that it could be any story if it wasn’t because the one who has lived very close to the eje 6 sur Angel Urraza and the street of Bolívar (CDMX) and be woken up by that type of cat is usually not something usual in our demarcation.

“There are lions of Cri-shan”, repeated time and time again my mom when he entered her voice to the quarters. And yes, a few blocks from the house in a terrain like that of any neighbor of Benito Juarez , lived Rahi, a spectacular tiger the size of a spectacular tiger; Kuman, a leopard eye nothing smart, but impossible to aguantarle the look; and Kimba, the king of the jungle and of the colonia Narvarte. Yes, three cats in a house up to four people. And the fourth member of the family was Cristian, who kindly you asked, when you were in the store, to be called as Cristian Cri-Shan, the Tiger’s magic.

Cristian Cri-Shan was famous in the eighties and nineties (Magazine MAX)

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But it was not necessary to find it in miscellaneous popular Not. Every Sunday, Cristian Crishan was in charge of one of the acts expected, during the program In Family with Chabelofor the innocent mexican children of the eighties . Yes, Cristian Cri-Shan, our King Tiger Magic, was a showman and magician of the header of one of the programs most important family of the mexican television imposing its style for many years. So many, that her younger son ended up becoming his assistant in that program and in the shows presented in the Teatro Blanquita and in the shows of the singer Coque Muñiz, adding more than 40 years working as a The Tiger’s Magicusing the tricks and structures engineer of illusions, the mage Hassim.

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In the shop of the house, Cristian used to tell a story to those children of the eighties. A that responded to the eternal question: “What if you miss the tiger?”. And he responded: “Once, I was at the hotel del Prado with the tiger at the reception for an event that we would have. The people approached him and were desesperándolo and he was angry as well that with a few moves broke free and ran towards Avenida Reformachasing taxi drivers until we catch it from the queue and domamos”.

Your truck as distinctive.

Maybe it was true. Maybe it’s not. But it served as a reminder that there, in the middle of the delegation Benito Juárez, three felines raged as an alarm clock for us and the so-called Tiger of the Magic, The King tiger mexican.